Wordle Answer Today: #801 Wordle Answer And Hints, 29 August 2023

Wordle Answer Today: #801 Wordle Answer And Hints, 29 August 2023, Wordle Answer And Hints, 801 Wordle Answer 29 August 2023.

801 Wordle Answer Today 29 August 2023: Wordle, a trending word-based game, inspired by its easy-to-use gameplay, gained widespread popularity with widely shared results on social media.

The main objective revolves around the American English word with five characters to be removed in a maximum of six attempts.

The first signals are deliberately suppressed, making you wonder about a possible noise. Once guessed, the tile accepts specific letters, allowing you to search for letters that make up a word. The tiles come in a variety of colors, with shades of grey, yellow and green.

Wordle Answer Today
Wordle Answer Today
  • Gray points out that the proposed letter is completely out of the word and advises against repeating it in subsequent attempts.
  • Red indicates the presence of a letter in a word, though not in an assumed location.
  • Accurate green codes statistics, properly labeled, indicating optimal progress.
  • There is an improved hardening method, which requires the correct label to be added to all subsequent shapes before previous attempts.

While you may be familiar with this approach, sometimes situations arise where multiple Wordle solutions make sense.

In such cases, choosing a word with a future suffix can help you find a final solution. However, this strategy is incompatible with the advanced code mentioned earlier.

At any time, you have the freedom to turn this mode off if its difficulties prove dangerous during gameplay.

#801 Wordle Answer Today 29 August 2023

To enhance your Wordle 801 experience, we provide practical strategies to help you unpack its complexities. Here are valuable explanations:

  1. including the letter ‘p’.
  2. It starts with the letter ‘c’.
  3. It includes a couple of voices in today’s solution.
  4. It serves both verbs and nouns.
  5. It means a fun activity or a game of jumping or dancing.

Wordle Answer Today: #801 Wordle Answer And Hints, 29 August 2023

Wordle Answer Today: #801 Wordle Answer, 98 August 2023 is “CAPER”.

Here today I managed to crack Wordle 801 in just four attempts. The first word I chose to start with was ‘AUDIO’, which is a word I usually start with.

The first measurement provided valuable insight—the latter revealed the presence of the letter ‘a’, although it was not established.

My next choice to replace the ‘a’ and also introduce the letter ‘e’ was ‘WATER’. This proved to be a good choice, with perfect consistency among the ‘A’, ‘E’ and ‘R’ solutions.

For my third shape, I chose ‘PALER’, strategically using special fonts not used in my previous attempts.

This particular shape suggested the presence of a ‘P’ in the latter, although it was not imposed as an initial letter.

Further unraveling of the puzzle made it clear that ‘P’ belonged to a third. Armed with this information, my next and successful idea for Wordle 801 was ‘CAPER’.


Feel free to share in the comments section your number of attempts to crack todays Wordle puzzles and other favorite games you’d like us to explore next!

801 Wordle Answer Today – FaQ:

What is the Wordle 801 Answer Today?

801 Wordle Answer, 29 August 2023 is “CAPER”.

How Many Letters 801 Wordle Answer Today?

5 Letters

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